Healing Blends "Port Antonio" Aroma Scents Blend

Healing Blends "Port Antonio" Aroma Scents Blend

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10 ml

Port Antonio, Jamaica, is a sleepy coastal town on the eastern coast of Jamaica. It is a remote, secret destination for those who know it, when seeking out rest and rejuvenation. Healing Blends “Port Antonio” Aroma Scents Blend brings the calming rest and rejuvenation of Port Antonio into your home. Breathe deeply with all the Port Antonio blend has to offer – indulge and feel!

Ingredients: Essential oils of lemongrass, Spearmint, Palmarosa, Lavender, Fir needle, Sweet orange

Directions: For diffuser use, fill the diffuser half-way with water, add nine drops of oil, and light a tea candle to heat. For body massage, make a 1:10 ratio of your selected essential oil blend to the carrier oil of choice. For use as a fragrance, apply one to two drops.