Sorig Tibetan Medicine


The Science of Healing

SORIG is a Tibetan word literally means science of healing. It is also a registered brand name of our products. SORIG range of product consists of skin care and beauty preparations, herbal teas, natural health products and food supplements, Incense sticks etc. 

Safety & Efficacy of Sorig products

The products are based on active and non-active ingredients, formulated in strict proportion to the way it contributes to the effective nourishment. The active ingredient in each product has important function of its own while non-active ingredient remains as passive yet provides healthy supportive environment in bringing best results.

Each product is thoroughly researched blending modern methods with ancient Tibetan wisdom of healing. Tibetan and non-Tibetan experts are consulted to ensure the highest possible quality. We take great care in using the best quality natural ingredients. Every effort is being made to ensure maximum consumer safety and benefit. All products are free from side effects.