Sorig Za-Khu-Chee-Nyii Diabetes Tea

Sorig Za-Khu-Chee-Nyii Diabetes Tea

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20 tea bags

Sorig Za-Khu-Chee-Nyii Diabetes Tea is a regulating tea that helps to manage the body's blood sugar levels, promote digestion and control symptoms associated with excessive blood sugar such as: frequent urination, cloudy urine, dry mouth, imbalanced body fluids, fluctuating body temperature, and sensitivity of the soles, palms, genitals. It also induces sound sleep.

Ingredients: Camellia thea (tea leaves), Xanthium indicum, Acacia catechu (indian acacia), Berberis aristata (barberry), Emblica officinalis (gooseberry amla), Curcuma longa (turmeric)

Directions: Infuse in hot water for a few minutes. Can be taken at any time, but preferably in the morning. A single tea bag may be used to make up to three cups of tea.