Sorig Gaay-Pa-Sowae Chulen Rejuvenating Tea

Sorig Gaay-Pa-Sowae Chulen Rejuvenating Tea

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30 packets

Taken from the Tibetan Medical Text, Sorig Gaay-Pa-Sowae Chulen Rejuvenating Tea is used to prolong life span, maintain a youthful appearance, and improve both eyesight and memory. According to Tibetan Medicine, causes of the ageing process are the transformation of primordial elements and stress. This rejuvenating elixir helps combat both the internal and external signs of ageing from tired, dry skin and hair to weakening mental and sensory sensitivity. This energy booster supports the various systems of the body, helping to slow down the collective signs of aging as well as reduce mental and physical stress.

Ingredients: Terminalia chebula, Terminalia belerica, Embelica officinalis, Sabina wallichiana, Rhododendron haffcephanthum, Polygonatum cirrhifolium (himalayan fritillary), Artemsia sp., Tribulus terrestris (tribulus), Asparagus racemosus (asparagus), Polygonum viparum (knotweed), Phlomis younghusbandii, Cordyceps sinesis (vegetable caterpillar), Round leaf sundew, Leh berry, Korean ginseng, Phoenix dactylifera (dates), Vitis vinifera (dates), Mineral exudates, Jaggery (molasses), Honey

Directions: Take every day for 3 - 6 months minimum, and for 1 year ideally.