Sorig Oomgi-Daewae Menja Respiratory Health Tea

Sorig Oomgi-Daewae Menja Respiratory Health Tea

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10 packets

Sorig Oogmi-Daewae Menja Respiratory Health Tea is prepared in accordance with the Tibetan Science of Healing. It is used to remedy cold symptoms, chest congestion, coughing, breathlessness, profuse sweating, difficulty breathing, and a weakened body.

Ingredients: Gentiana sp. (blue gentian), Rhodiola sp. (arctic root), Selinum wallichianum (milk parsley), Cinnamomum zeylinicum, Syzygium aromaticum, Artemisia sp. (clove), Phlomis younghusbandii (Jerusalem sage), Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice), Amomum subulatum (black cardamom), Vitis vinifera (grapevine)

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Great Service teamwork between you, mother and daughter…
Seeing my interest in knowing and remembering the names of the stones, you gave me their names while your daughter even cheerfully wrote them down for me… so I left More educated about the five nice stones I was considering and bought—and you two complemented the moment with your kindness and generosity … two thumbs up!


Great little shop with a very nice selection of incense, oils , crystals, beads and more...

Alina S.


Love collecting beautiful crystals from Patricia!

Jessica Gomez

so special crystals and serene environment

Charlene S


best quality of crystals and oils

Juan Carlos Rivera

Thank you for always sharing valuable info on my journey! Love you Ms. Patricia!



Thank you for sharing your knowledge and energy. I appreciate you guidance.


my favorite place for crystals and stones and meditation

A J Harrison