Sorig Chongchen Chulen Energizing Tea

Sorig Chongchen Chulen Energizing Tea

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30 packets

Chongchen Chulen in Tibetan means vital nourishment. This formula is effective in strengthening a weakened body. It is also effective in treating respiratory ailments, dizziness, hiccoughs, anorexia, and pulmonary disorders. Prolonged use is also good in building libido.

Ingredients: Elleteria cardamomum (cardamom), Cinnamomum zeylinacum (cinnamon), Tanacetum sp., Piper longum (long pepper), Vitas vinifera (grapes), Phoenix dactylifera (dates), Glycyrrhiza glaba (licorice)

Directions: One tea bag per day. Avoid taking with colds and fevers.