Healing Blends "Blue Lagoon" Aroma Scents Blend

Healing Blends "Blue Lagoon" Aroma Scents Blend

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10 ml

Healing Blends “Blue Lagoon” Aroma Scents Blend is a unique, clarifying blend of oils that cool, soothe, and refresh. It is named after one of the greatest natural attractions in Jamaica – the Blue Lagoon located in Port Antonio.

Ingredients: Essential oils of lavender, Palmarosa, Chamomile, Vetiver, Fir Needle, Orange, Rose geranium

Directions: For diffuser use, fill the diffuser half-way with water, add nine drops of oil, and light a tea candle to heat. For body massage, make a 1:10 ratio of your selected essential oil blend to the carrier oil of choice. For use as a fragrance, apply one to two drops.