Healing Blends "Fern Gully" Aroma Scents Blend

Healing Blends "Fern Gully" Aroma Scents Blend

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10 ml

Fern Gully is a scenic, three-mile ride along the sunken banks of an old riverbed lined with a variety of exotic ferns and densely overhung by tall trumpet and mahoe trees. Healing Blends “Fern Gully” Aroma Scents Blend is as cool and exhilarating as that ride through Fern Gully.

Ingredients: Essential oils of vetiver, Lavender, Cypress, Fir needle

Directions: For diffuser use, fill the diffuser half-way with water, add nine drops of oil, and light a tea candle to heat. For body massage, make a 1:10 ratio of your selected essential oil blend to the carrier oil of choice. For use as a fragrance, apply one to two drops.